So throughout the MOSES 2016 conference many of the speakers made recommendations on books, movies, websites, and research papers that were worth looking into for each of the topics I attended.  See PREVIOUS POST for what the classes were and my thoughts on them.  This is Part I of a two part summary. Understanding and Enhancing […]


I just got back from the largest organic conference in the country across the lake in La Crosse, WI.  What a great time!  There were over 3,600 attendees for the three day conference which was fantastic to see that much support for organic agriculture all in one place.  Below are summaries of the sessions I […]

So I am posting a series of woodworking projects that I have completed in the last year to share with everyone what I have been up to. This cutting board is the result of a bunch of scrap wedge shaped pieces of ash that were left over from the drainboard project for my fathers kitchen. […]

So this weekend I did a presentation at the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute at their Sustainability conference. It was a lot of fun and I had the opportunity to meet quite a few people interested in permaculture and excited about making real change! My presentation was videotaped by PCCI for everyone’s viewing pleasure so I […]

I just ran across this video on how to build with super adobe.  I have always been fascinated with super adobe and wondered about some of the finer points on how to work with it.  This video is a bit long but it does a great job on explaining how to build a dome.  Check […]

Winter has officially set in and my attention has swung around to the more climate controlled activities, like woodworking in my shop.  For the past month I have been busy creating Christmas presents for friends and family with the dual purpose of those presents becoming prototypes and photo models for my shop where I […]

So I just realized that I posted the designs I was doing for a greenhouse way back in the winter but never actually posted the greenhouse I ended up building.  The real greenhouse ended up being significantly different after I calculated the cost of fasteners and Dad notified me that we had sheets of polycarbonate […]

So I have finally finished pouring, grinding, sanding, polishing, sealing, waxing, and installing the concrete counter top for my Dad’s kitchen.  I have spent many more hours working on this than what I originally intended but the results were worth it.  Part of the issue stemmed from mistakes that I made being a novice concrete […]

A great video explaining how trees do what they do!

Well I took the concrete molds apart and everything came out pretty well in my opinion.  I have been picking away the leaf bits and silicon that embedded themselves into the wet concrete for a couple of hours each day and things are starting to look good.  I mocked up the faucet and sink fittings […]